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How to Join

Interested in becoming a sister of Lambda Delta Psi at your university? The recruitment process is conducted in different ways each semester depending on the university. If you want to learn more about joining LDPsi, please refer to each chapter's respective recruitment policies on their websites! Visit the Our Chapters Page for more info!

Want to start Lambda Delta Psi at your university? Visit the Expansion Page for more info!

What is Rush?

Rush is a brief period of time (usually one to two weeks) where ALL potentially interested ladies can personally get to know the active members of Lambda Delta Psi through the social and informational events provided. ALL rush events are free at each school. We also encourage ladies of all classifications and ethnicities.

Rush at our different colonies may vary, but rush is always ABSOLUTELY FREE! Food, drinks, and transportation will be provided. Come get to know our sisters and learn more about us, as we are looking forward to meeting all of you as well! We welcome and encourage women of all levels of classification and ethnicity with an interest in Asian-American awareness to rush. There is absolutely no obligation.

Why Lambda Delta Psi?

Through Lambda Delta Psi you will learn life long skills that will help build character. Lambda Delta Psi will provide skills essential to being a successful leader in the future. In addition, you will develop lasting relationships and network with others that you will meet upon joining

How do I Become a Sister?

The first step is participating in "Rush" or recruitment process. Each of our schools offers rush in both the Fall and Spring semesters, however, they may not run at the same time. Please contact the Lambda Delta Psi rush chairs at your school to confirm when rush will begin.

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