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Our Story

Lambda Delta Psi was founded on May 1st, 2009, at the University of Oklahoma by four ladies: Diane Cho, Mai Le, Samantha Lee, and Stacie Nguyen. These ladies had a vision to step out of the stereotype and establish a sorority solely based on what they believed was sisterhood. They felt as if the views on sisterhood and a sorority needed to be changed.

So with that vision and one common goal in mind, they set out to redefine sisterhood. Once these ladies began to take action, they started under the organization name, R.E.A.L., which stood for Redefined Elegant Asian Ladies, in the spring of 2009.


Through much devoted time and effort, they successfully turned their vision into reality and beyond. These ladies have managed to create their own unique identity within the large Greek community. With a focus on sisterhood, community service, and academic excellence, Lambda Delta Psi has sprouted from its roots to blossom into the sorority that it is today.


Since our founding, Lambda Delta Psi has expanded into 5 chapters and charters.  

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