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Save the Date

National Convention 2023 will be held on August 11th-13th, 2023 in College Station, Texas. More information about registration is soon to come.

Welcome to the LDPsi Family

Congratulations to our Fall 2022 new members for your hard work and determination throughout the semester to join our sisterhood. We cannot wait to see what you do in the future! Thank you to our New Member Education teams for your efforts in guiding our new members on their journey.

University of Houston | Beta Chapter

New Member Educator

FA ‘19, Stephanie “Tenacious” Tran 


New Member Trainers

SP ‘20, Lynn “Moonbeam” Cao

FA ‘20, Megan “Equinox” Nguyen

Fall ‘22 | Alpha Gamma Class

#191 Donna “Latte” Dang

#192 Jasmine “Mavis” Huynh

#193 Haley “Zazu” Jordan

#194 Linh “Stallion” Le

#195 Kimberlynn “Chuckles” Mai

#196 Chatcha “Matcha” Mantapaneewat

#197 Melissa “Juvia” Min

#198 Amy “Mort” Nguyen

#199 Leila “Rarity” Nguyen

#200 Mona “Yin” Ou Yang

#201 Annette “Kuromi” Tran

#202 Gabby “CTRL” Tran

#203 Jackie “Hinata” Tran

#204 Vina “Valentine” Vo

Texas A&M University | Gamma Chapter

New Member Educator

FA ‘19, Savannah “Sunbeam” Autin 

New Member Trainers

FA ‘19, Ridthyda “Illuminate” Meun 
FA ‘19, Michelle “Vivacious” Vo 

Fall ‘22 | Chi Class 

#155 Lexi “Confetti” Chau
#156 Alison “Gemma” Chen
#157 Olivia “Isla” Dang
#158 Kaitlyn “Willow” Do
#159 Jani “Kitsune” Jung
#160 Kristine “Onyx” Kim
#161 Bon “Hazel” Koo
#162 Allison “Obsidian” Lee
#163 Kaitlyn “Couture” Ma
#164 Kayla “Ocean” Nguyen
#165 Kyndal “Idalia” Nguyen
#166 Katelyn “Cosmos” Pham
#167 Tiffany “Kalina” Phu

Texas Tech University | Delta Associate Chapter

New Member Educator

FA ‘20, Carolyn “Nerine” Stepherson


New Member Trainers

FA ‘20, Kaleigh “Azeria” Ash

FA ‘20, Karen “Suwon” Kim


Fall ‘22 | Sigma Class

#100 Emily “Dahlia” Martinez 

#101 Mallory “Cheshire” Nguyen

Texas State University | Epsilon Charter

New Member Educator

SP ‘21, Trish "Mayari" Cruz


New Member Trainers

SP ‘21, Alyssa "Stargazer" Tran

FA ‘21, Michelle "Catalyst" Nguyen


Fall ‘22 | Gamma Class

#16 Lexus "Ferrari" Ambrosio

#17 Makena "Greenlight" Ja

#18 Emi "Soleil" Keo

#19 Jeslyn "2-Chains" Nguyen

#20 Vy "Alexandrite" Nguyen

#21 Tracy "Nightlight" Pham

#22 Bea "Dynamite" Valle

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