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Save the Date

National Convention 2023 will be held on August 11th-13th, 2023 in College Station, Texas. More information about registration is soon to come.

Welcome to the LDPsi Family

Congratulations to our Fall 2023 new members for your hard work and determination throughout the semester to join our sisterhood. We cannot wait to see what you do in the future! Thank you to our New Member Education teams for your efforts in guiding our new members on their journey.

University of Oklahoma | Alpha Chapter
OU FA23 Alpha Alpha Class

New Member Educator

SP ‘20, Cindy “Sage” Tran


New Member Trainers

FA ‘21, Han “MEOW MEOW” Le

FA ‘21, Felicia “11:11” Salsabila

Fall ‘23 | Alpha Alpha Class

#110 Madeline “Euthymia” Do

#111 Michelle “Mercy” Nguyen

#112 Juliana “Halo Halo” Leigh

University of Houston | Beta Chapter
UH FA23 Alpha Epsilon Class

New Member Educator

FA ‘20, Megan “Equinox” Nguyen 

New Member Trainers

FA ‘22, Chatcha “Matcha” Mantapaneewat 
FA ‘22, Melissa “Juvia” Min 

Fall ‘23 | Alpha Epsilon Class 

#217 Shayna “Amélie” Bui

#218 Paula “Santeria” Chapman

#219 Kelly “Teacup” Dinh

#220 Madeline “Thalia” Hsu

#221 Kirstin “Lovey Dovey” Le

#222 Sydney “Hei Hei” Le

#223 Kitana “Miffy” Nguyen

#224 Megan “Serena” Nguyen

#225 Maxson “Clueless” Quach

#226 Katelynn “Scout” Thai

Texas A&M University | Gamma Chapter

New Member Educator

FA ‘21, Kaitlyn "Ivy" Quach

New Member Trainers

FA ‘21, Rachel "Eclipse" Go

FA ‘21, Katharine "Valkyrie" Luu


Fall ‘23 | Psi Class

#168 Charisse “Aurelia” Alcaraz

#169 Juliana “ Paisley” Beyette

#170 Teresa “Calista” Dinh

#171 Jamie “Supernova” Eng

#172 Angie “Ophelia” Le

#173 Anastasia "Fleur" Pauken

#174 Sirena “Mari” Rodriguez

#175 Brooke “Citrine” Tran

Texas Tech University | Delta Associate Chapter

New Member Educator

FA ‘20, Calista 'Eleos' Gonzalez


Fall ‘23 | Upsilon Class

#108. Akaela ‘Sunset‘ Espina

#109. Angela ‘Marisol‘ Flores

#110. Maya ‘Confident‘ George

#111. Arianna “Sweetie” Gordon

#112. Kathryn “Chá” Jordan

#113. Lana “Hydrangea” Tran

Texas State University | Epsilon Associate Chapter
Epsilon Class & NME.JPG

New Member Educator

FA ‘21, Laila Rae “Butterfly” Villas


New Member Trainers

FA ‘22, Makena “Greenlight” Ja

FA ‘22, Jeslyn “2-Chains” Nguyen

Fall ‘23 | Epsilon Class

#26 Kiara “Mahal” Auza

#27 Skylar “Siren” Dang

#28 Hannah “Bunny” Dinh

#29 Leah “Lilium” Loza

#30 Eden “Helia” Merritt

#31 Angie “Fuego” Morales

#32 Dalena “Link’d”  Nguyen

#33 Rae “Bae” Rivera

#34 Mai “Sun” Tan

#35 Jenna “Poonga” Tran

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