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Lambda Delta Psi Sorority, Inc. (ΛΔΨ) is a 501(c)(7) non-profit, Asian-interest (but not Asian Exclusive!) sorority. Our sisterhood stresses the importance of upholding the standards of a true lady. 


We pride ourselves for the genuine relationships that develop upon joining. These relationships bring each individual sister closer to one another regardless of distance, our sisterhood is forever!

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LDPsi has 5 Chapters and Colonies across the United States, but we are always looking to expand our sisterhood! If you'd like to learn more on expansion, check out our Expansion Page


Our official colors are Lambda Pink and Delta Blue.  Our beloved sorority mascot is the Peacock, our sorority flower is the Amaryllis, and our sorority stone is the Pearl

The tenants we pride every lady of LDPsi are: Leadership, Integrity, Devotion, Independence, Temperance, Sisterhood, Unity, Grace, Audacity, and Respect. We believe that every member upholds these values and can inspire others to do the same! 

Our motto that we follow is "Through love and devotion, sisterhood". 


Crown Leadership

Lock Security

Scroll with Wings Academic excellence

Peacock Beauty, power, grace, and knowledge

Amaryllis Pride and determination

Lambda Blue Truth and loyalty

Delta Pink Hope and passion

Pearl Elegance

Vine Strong, lasting friendship

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When you join LDPsi you don't only gain sisters, you gain brothers too! Our nationally recognized brother fraternity is Gamma Beta Fraternity, Inc. They were established at the University of Texas in 2000. They currently have chapters across Texas and Oklahoma.


Our brother fraternity is dedicated to the betterment of men through morality, discipline, responsibility, unity, and academics.