Spring 2020 Sigma Class

Congratulations to Amy "Polaris" Le and our Alpha Chapter sisters at the University of Oklahoma for crossing their beautiful 6 Sigma class sisters! Welcome to the sisterhood, ladies!

Spring 2020 Phi Class

Congratulations to Michelle "Atomic" Le and our Beta Chapter sisters at the University of Houston on crossing 7 beautiful women into our family! Welcome to the sisterhood, Phi Class!

Spring 2020 Omicron Class

Congratulations to Quyen "Rose" Tran and our Delta Colony sisters at Texas Tech University on crossing 5 outstanding ladies into the best sorority! Welcome to the sisterhood, Omicron Class!


Class of 2020 Graduates

To our lovely sisters who are graduating this year, we wish you all the best of luck in everything you do and pursue. Congratulations, ladies, you did it!

August 7-8, 2020 National Convention

We will be hosting our first ever National Convention online! Contact your chapter/colony governor for more information in the upcoming weeks. Big shout out and thank you to Alpha Chapter for organizing the event this year! The registration form is on our Facebook page, so don't forget to sign up!


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